After spending a few years working in Human Resources, I’ve come to realize that the key to retaining staff members is fostering a positive work environment.

A positive work environment, in turn, fosters a team who is comfortable with each other and understands one another enough to help work flow as seamlessly as possible. In this environment, employees are respected by employers and vice versa. After all, in all areas of life, people are most fulfilled putting their time and effort into a source that they trust will yield positive results.

Challenging your employees to do their best, try their hand at new tasks and given added responsibility where reasonable are all things that motivate employees and make them feel that they are trusted and believed in.

The rewards of a happy team are tenfold to any efforts made by the employers to create a positive environment.

Example: here I am, on Maternity Leave, at 11:00am on a Friday snuggling my newborn on my living room couch by my fireplace and I actually had the urge to write a blog post for my employer because I truly enjoy contributing to the positive environment that I miss being a direct part of.

Because of my employer’s efforts to create and maintain a positive environment, I have become intrinsically motivated.

“Work” rarely feels like “work” but rather intellectual exercises that I have learned and come to trust will result in positive results for me on much more than a financial level, but mental and emotional as well.

And here you have it – hook, line and sinker, an employee… or rather, “team member” for life.

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