We Believe People Should
Live Great Lives

A bit about Pinnacle...

From our humble beginnings as guerrilla accountants, we imagined a firm where we could empower business owners to make better decisions. This vision fuelled our desire to build something better, brighter, and infinitely more useful to our clients (and more life-affirming for ourselves).

Our passion at Pinnacle PAC is helping people succeed. Our clients tell us they value our relationship because we translate technical matters into plain English they can understand and use. We believe the accountant should be a coach, cheerleader, and peer rather than simply the scorekeeper. We believe professionals should charge a fair price for the value provided to the client and that value is not a function of time spent. We believe an accounting office can be a fun and creative place for team members and an open and non-threatening environment for clients.

We empower business owners to help themselves – to understand their business, understand their financial position, measure their growth, interpret their financial results, build their operating systems, improve their teams and make themselves better leaders and community members. And ultimately, to live great lives.


Chris Brien, CPA, CA

Managing Partner

Chris is a Partner at Pinnacle. When he’s not busy working with clients and our team, you'll find him living life on the edge as a bicycle disciple and lover of all things outdoorsy. Whether it's skiing down the slopes or embarking on grueling bike rides, Chris thrives on pushing his limits. As our fearless leader, Chris possesses a unique blend of leadership and active energy. He's like a big dog, leading the pack and inspiring us to reach new heights. Don't be fooled by his quiet demeanor – beneath that composed exterior lies a competitive spirit that drives us to excel.

Even tempered and usually dressed in bland colours, Chris can appear a little “accountanty”, but once you get to know him, you'll realize he's full of vibrant surprises. Behind his serious facade lies a colorful personality waiting to be unveiled. He proudly drinks from the "World's Best Boss" mug that he bought himself, a testament to his self-assuredness.  Chris is the driving force behind our team's success and the one who encourages us to embrace challenges head-on.

Curtis Reeve, CPA

Accounting Practitioner

Curtis is an unstoppable force of ambition and enthusiasm. With an insatiable desire to learn and an Olympian work ethic, we're not entirely sure if he ever even sleeps. Which, let’s face it, is a definite possibility given his passionate love affair with coffee.  Fancy office coffee machine whisperer, espresso guzzler, coffee is the secret weapon that fuels Curtis’ unstoppable drive and keeps him buzzing with energy throughout the day.  At the end of a long day of problem solving, Curtis knows how to treat himself - he believes that a person with good hair (such as himself, obviously) deserves the finest things in life, particularly wine. Good wine. Curtis is the life of the party and a culture vulture, constantly seeking new experiences and adventures outside the office walls.

Next time you visit Pinnacle, be ready to witness the stunning spectacle of Curtis's lustrous locks, hear his infectious laughter, and experience the passion and dedication he brings to every task. He's not just an accountant; he's a force to be reckoned with—always ready to crunch numbers, sip coffee, and conquer the financial world, one impeccably coiffed hair strand at a time.

Rob Fahie

Accounting Practitioner/Accounting Technician

Rob is the epitome of dedication when it comes to helping people. He goes above and beyond, always ready to provide exceptional client service or lend a helping hand to his fellow team members. He's like a superhero, swooping in to save the day with his friendly demeanor and thorough approach. Rob's passion for fairness and procedure is unmatched. He's like the referee of the accounting world, ensuring that everything is done by the book and everyone gets a fair shake. But there's more to Rob than his accounting prowess. He's a musical virtuoso with talents that extend beyond spreadsheets and calculators.

With dual musical Masters degrees under his belt, Rob's a mega-talented musician who brings a melodic touch to our office. In fact, he's the proud owner of a stand-up bass that could give any rock star a run for their money.  Rob is the Pinnacle superstar who brings a symphony of success to our clients and our team.

Doug Johnstone, CPA, CA

Operations & Mentorship Leader

Doug is a Mentor and Consultant at Pinnacle.  He serves as an invaluable mentor to our practitioners, generously sharing his deep well of wisdom and experience. With a twinkle in his eye, he's always ready to guide the team through even the trickiest of puzzles. Doug has a magical knack for breaking down complex problems into manageable pieces.  He is the Pinnacle wizard…and like the one of Oz, here he is also the quintessential "man behind the curtain", orchestrating the production side of our practice with finesse and expertise.

When not mentoring and producing, Doug unleashes his adventurous side on two wheels. He is an adventure cyclist and curious traveler (often these things go hand in hand; cycling to Tijuana and taking a shot at the Great Divide trail are a couple of his more ambitious cycle tours to date).  In fact, he and Chris are the founding (and only) members of the legendary bike group "Ride or Die," which was born during their epic journey from Castlegar to Tijuana. They didn’t die.

Willow Enewold, CPA, CGA

Culture & Strategy Leader


Willow is a Partner at Pinnacle.  Though she has taken a step back from the daily accounting grind to pursue more creative endeavors (blacksmithing and metal arts), her creative pursuits continue to inspire our team. Her presence is felt throughout the office, not just from the Supreme Leader picture the team prays to in the morning (just kidding), but also through the innovative processes and systems she has meticulously crafted in building the machine that is Pinnacle today.

Willow embodies the spirit of doing what she truly loves, and is the epitome of a team player, always bringing a unique perspective and creative touch to the table. Whether it's collaborating on a project or lending a helping hand, she's there to keep the team motivated and inspired.  As an accountant-turned-metal artist, Willow brings a futuristic vision to our firm. She challenges us to think outside the box and embrace new possibilities. She keeps us on our toes with her constant drive for improvements, changes, and exciting challenges that push us to reach new heights.

Karen Boland, BSc

Office Manager

Karen is not afraid to take charge and keep things in order. With her remarkable multitasking skills, she can manage a hundred different things at once while upholding the highest quality standards. Our team relies on her to ensure that we continue to provide our clients with top-notch service.  Karen leaves no stone unturned when it comes to attention to detail; she's like a hawk, meticulously overseeing every aspect of our operations to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. When it comes to running a tight ship, she's the captain with an ironclad rulebook.  But she’s not all iron-fist - Karen’s love for animals knows no bounds. She's like a modern-day Dr. Dolittle, connecting with creatures big and small.

Karen's biology degree often leads her to share random "fun" facts, particularly about the animal kingdom, so don't be surprised if you find yourself learning fascinating tidbits during a conversation with her. Karen also has a unique role in the office: keeping Curtis humble. Amidst his suave hair and lofty ambitions, Karen is there to bring him back down to earth. She's the grounding force that reminds us all to stay focused and keep our egos in check.

Jenn Hicks

Accounting Technician

Jenn’s demands include a comfortable work environment (and a cozy sweatshirt), a little bit of fun throughout the day, and some fancy tea beverages. As long as she has these things, Jenn is the embodiment of efficiency and productivity; she just knows how to get stuff done.  Infusing every task with a down-to-earth approach and a touch of laughter, not a day goes by without a chuckle when Jenn's around. Her contagious sense of humor uplifts the office and reminds us not to take life too seriously.

Jenn is an efficient dynamo who effortlessly balances work and fun, all while rocking her comfy yoga pants. With her friendly nature, adaptability, and infectious laughter, she's an integral part of our team and the sunshine that brightens our days.

Bryanne Labute


The queen of quiet competence, Bryanne’s calm demeanor may fool you; she rules her roost with an iron whisk.  Behind those smiling eyes lies a hidden talent that keeps the team happy...Bryanne is our resident  master baker – she’s transformed our workspace into a paradise of sweet delights. Caring mother, lover of country music, effervescent personality that shines…all sounds so great.

But beware, though she may seem gentle, she's not one to be crossed. Mess with her workflow, and you'll find out that behind the baking apron lies a force to be reckoned with!

Let's Work Together.