We believe that accounting is about much more than the numbers, and that to grow local businesses and economies, we must support and encourage culture and community.

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Our Team


  At Pinnacle, our work is all about relationships.

Meet our passionate & committed team (see our write-ups below)…

Our Philosophy

Pinnacle PAC wants to help our community prosper economically through successful enterprise and spiritually through artistic endeavour.  We believe our own business can contribute to the economic and social well-being of our community by nurturing start-up enterprises, coaching existing businesses, providing low-cost services to non-profits, offering secure, well-paid and meaningful work to our team members, setting a good example of best practices and technological innovation and supporting local artists and food providers.

Our passion at Pinnacle PAC is helping people succeed. Our clients tell us they value our relationship because we translate technical matters into plain English they can understand and use. We believe the accountant should be a  coach, cheerleader and peer rather than simply the scorekeeper. We believe professionals should charge a fair price for the value provided to the client and that value is not a function of time spent. We believe an accounting office can be a fun and creative place for the team members and an open and non-threatening environment for clients.

A successful enterprise is one that exists to serve the objectives of the proprietor. Too often, the proprietor ends up chained to her own business with a lunatic for a boss. How does this happen? Can it be avoided? Can it be changed? We can help small business owners to identify their personal objectives and then take action to achieve them through the operation of their businesses.

We want to empower small business owners to help themselves – to understand their business, understand their financial position, measure their growth, interpret their financial results, build their operating systems, improve their teams and make themselves better leaders and community members to the enrichment of our whole region.


Hotshot CPA


Chris …Hotshot Accountant with a Can-do-it Attitude. He wears confidence like a favorite t-shirt. Perceptive and receptive, energetic and inquisitive, Chris is an initiative taker and a strategic thinker. He’s quick on the draw (if accounting were gun fighting, we’d all be in trouble) but thoughtful in forming opinions and resolutions. Chris often wears a grin and an eye twinkle…silent contemplation of the funny world around us all? Social butterfly, entrepreneur at heart, jokester…and fashion beacon, Chris keeps us all on the ball. And, might we add, he wears a sweater vest well (and frequently).


CPA Service with a Smile


Like a prize thoroughbred, Laura is stamping at the gate and champing at the bit to learn, serve, advise, and opine.  Laura, with a sunny and bright disposition, is quick to laugh and/or witticise.   Lover of cats, she and Sneaky (the Pinnacle office cat – see below) have found an instant attraction to one another, though her home-cats may have something to say about this state of affairs.  Chair (and sole member) of the Pinnacle Social Committee, an active outdoor enthusiast and seeker of sunny days and barbeque parties, Laura reminds us that balance is key and all work and no play makes Pinnacle dull dull dull.  Laura is pro at all things accounting – from helping clients with their systems and bookkeeping issues, to working through complex tax reorganizations.  The Pinnacle team is sparkier, smarter, and maybe just a little bit smiley-er with Laura on board.


Chief Ideas Officer


Willow is the glue that keeps the ship together.  She is a big thinker with enough vision to go around for everyone.  Entrepreneur, artist, accountant, computer technician, interior designer and team coach.  There is always a better way, a more innovative path, and a more effective means to an end.  Willow manages to remain positive while being pushy…she forces, cajoles and mostly inspires everyone around her to shine.  Expectations of constant improvement can be exhausting, but when balanced with creativity, open-mindedness and humour, it just becomes a lifestyle and a heartbeat.  Willow’s greatest joy is helping those around her be their best and shine their brightest.


Mentor to the Stars


Doug, the ukulele playing, Mentor to the Stars, has the exceptional talent of being able to speak English (ie. communicate business and accounting jargon to people from all walks of life with all levels of experience). Doug serves as a mentor to a handful of lucky accounting practitioners – helping them transform their practices (and the profession as a whole) into the dynamic, exciting, forward looking, life choice that it can be. Doug is a community contributor, natural performer and patient teacher who thrives by helping others help themselves. He possesses a great depth of vision and inspires all those he meets. Doug is dedicated to his family, business, employees and community. Doug also has a fabulous sense of style, though you might note that that some of his shirts have been known to cause hay fever.


The Youngun


From erstwhile co-op student, to dynamo CPA, Schuyler has been on the Pinnacle team since the humble beginning.  Schuyler is the king of getting things done…no project too great, no task too small, Schuyler helps clients and team alike move work along with a smile all the while.  Schuyler keeps us on our toes and sets the pace for our workday race.


Maestro Technician


Rob is all about all things musical and technical and interesting.  Well versed in matters of small business (he is the former owner of Little Miss Gelato deliciousness), and well educated and practiced in the world of musicianship (dual musical Masters degrees), Rob knows lots of things about lots of things.  Rob brings his formidable talent on the bass to his tip-tapping calculator fingers, and the complicated time signatures of jazz performance have fine tuned him to be a puzzle solving virtuoso.  Rob is curious, enthusiastic, funny, and detail oriented.  Two-time Carnegie Hall performer, we can attest to Rob’s stage presence.  Proud and prolific supporter of the arts, we can also attest to Rob’s dedication to the health and culture of his community.  Now, as a dedicated student of accounting, Rob’s masterpiece composition is yet to be written.



Tuneful Technician


Geek at heart, musical virtuoso in practice – Melissa is a multi-talented accounting wizz-kid. Balancing joke cracking and problem solving is a tricky business, but Melissa has seemingly bottomless energy and enthusiasm for walking that tightrope. It seems that all things involving formulas are of great interest to this chanteuse, perhaps this is the place where the magic of music and math meet. Driver of large trucks and software programs; as competent wielding a power tool as a calculator; as comfortable drinking a beer and laughing heartily at her own jokes as she is working carefully through a problem with a client over a business lunch – Melissa is a veritable diamond – multifaceted and sharp.


Team Cat

Sneaky is our resident freeloader.  She likes to lay about on desks and tables and goes to great effort to convince any audience she is hungry or in need of a nip of catnip.  Sneaky is a runner – she’ll bolt for the door if she sees an opening…be careful when coming and going…