Faster than the run in her nylons. Able to leap small children in a single stride. She’s the Working Mom. Mom-the-Original-Superhero

We all have busy lives these days but as a working mom, you might feel like you are a super hero with all that you can accomplish in a day. Pat yourself on the back you are amazing and you are not alone.

You “get up, get outta bed, drag a comb across our head,” go downstairs and the whirlwind begins. Pack the lunches, get the kids up, feed them, hug them and get them off to school. Off to work you go. Ahhhh, serenity, something that belongs only to you. Well, thankfully, your coworkers are there too. Adults to talk to. Yippee!! Work is done. (Success, you made it through the day without the school calling you away due to illness or injury).

Now the fun begins. Pick up the kids from school, after, you’ve been “The Flash” through the grocery store. Go home walk the dog while calling the dentist to make the family appointments. Oh, thank goodness, you threw that roast in the crockpot this morning. Dinner is made after you whip the salad together. Oh, what’s this, a moment to fold Eternal Mountain (AKA the mountain of laundry that never ends), while the potatoes boil. Done, dinner is served, devoured and cleaned up.

Off to soccer we go. On the way home, don’t forget to grab the mail. There must be a bill or two in there that will need to get paid or activity to register for. Unless, of course, they are sitting amongst your umpteen dozen unopened emails. Oh, how the conveniences of technology have made our lives easier. Pay the bills and schedule everything for everyone all on your smart phone, computer, or tablet.

Time for bed. But wait, what is this puddle on the bathroom floor? Oh right, the kids showered after soccer. Better clean that up. Might as well switch the laundry while you’re still up. Eternal Mountain rises again. Unload the dishwasher too, so you can get the remnants of dinner cleaned up and not have to wake up to it. Sleep.

Like a superhero, you are on call 24/7. Don’t expect to sleep through the night. Gratefully, you do and wake up fresh to do it all again. But in all honesty, you and I both know, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Written by: Holly Mackie

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